My Very First Song...

"You're Okay," was my very first original song written within 5-10 mins (that's record breaking time these days.) I wrote this song for a close friend suffering with Lyme's Disease. When I found out my heart clenched like a fist and my eyes leaked uncontrollably; I had to release these heavy feelings somehow so I instantly picked up my little ukulele that was given to me by a friend and I began strumming the only four chords I knew at the time. I developed a catchy melody surprisingly quickly and after some tweaking I sent her the song. Shortly after I received a very touching voice mail and was in a sobbing mess of many mixed emotions; mainly joy. From this day forward I discovered that I wanted to create music with the intention of healing and uplifting others, as well as healing myself.

It's important to remember that there’s always someone or even something that needs love; share a little of your love today.


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I'm so excited to be performing a short and sweet set at The River tonight supporting a fundraiser which lends a helping hand to individuals and families experiencing homelessness and housing stress.

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