Feeling Golden with Mama Kin Spender

I have been so fortunate to perform in an amazing choir alongside Mama Kin Spender on several thrilling occasions.

My first performance with these amazing musos was earlier in the year at “Nannup Music Festival” which was recently followed by the “Blues at Bridgetown” Festival and grooving and singing on that stage gives me a rush of adrenaline that I can’t describe; wearing that beautiful, golden robe and onlooking smiling faces under festive lights is a feeling I’ll always remember.

Dan and Tommy are SO MUCH FUN and never fail to make me giggle between songs with their priceless humour.

If you haven’t seen these guys yet I strongly suggest you get your butt to one of their shows!!

Also shoutout to The Chorale Sea (my choir family) and my biggest mentor yet, Michelle Spriggs. I’m excited for more shows with you!

Big Love




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I'm so excited to be performing a short and sweet set at The River tonight supporting a fundraiser which lends a helping hand to individuals and families experiencing homelessness and housing stress.

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