Hey there you little sunshine! 


I'd just like to give you a warm welcome to my world on a web. I'm stoked we have crossed virtual paths!


it's really nice to meet you :) 

Sooo.. on this big yellow site (designed especially by me) you'll get to learn my love and passion for all things music (and flowers) from song-writing to recording and then to the best part da-da-daaa, show playing! 

and unfortunately because we can't have a stroll as lovely as that would be, you are able to have a lil scroll with me...sort of. 

okay intro over, let's go homie! 


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a little bit about me...

I am an emerging singer-songwriter based in the South West. I only really started discovering my love for music and song writing a couple of years ago. everyday I am writing, listening or playing music and always crafting my sound. 


As soon as I graduated high-school I jumped on a plane with two of my best mates and had the experience of a lifetime. Travelling opened my heart to opportunities and lit the fire in my mind; since travelling I’ve found that my song writing has become more developed and wholesome in its nature.


Raw and real.


I experience these moments where I feel an urge to spill all of my thoughts and feelings onto a page to paint a story and with time they evolve into a piece of  music or song.


My passion is to tell stories through music and give what spoken words can't at times. 


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"I love writing down whatever words trail through my mind and then using them to create a song. There's something so beautiful about that very moment."


Thank you for your time 

YOU there! Yes, you. Thanks a mill for having a wee lil scroll, you've made it this far! 

If ya like feel free to jump on over to my blog for a taste of my zesty life...or even my gallery if you can't be bothered reading! 

Otherwise I'll see you at a gig sometime and we can share big smiles and warm hugs.


You're bloody brilliant. 

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